SOCAR Section - State Oil Company of Azerbaijan

15.1 Spring 2007
BP Current Developments:
Milestone: 100 Million Barrels - Tamam Bayatly

14.4 Winter 2006
BP Current Developments:
East Azeri Ahead of Shedule - Tamam Bayatly

14.3 Autumn 2006
BP Current Developments:
Tankers Finally Leave Ceyhan Port for World Markets - Tamam Bayatly

14.2 Summer 2006
BP Current Developments:
Shah Deniz Offshore Platform - Tamam Bayatly

14.1 Spring 2006
BP Current Developments:
President Aliyev Visits Zykh Consrtuction Yard: May 22, 2006 - Tamam Bayatly

13.4 Winter 2005
BP Current Developments:
Production Begins at West Azeri - Tamam Bayatly

13.3 Autumn 2005
BP Current Developments:
BTC Pipeline Filling Up: May 25, 2005 - Tamam Bayatly

13.2 Summer 2005
BP Current Developments:
Tag Opened for the BTC Pipeline: May 25, 2005 - Tamam Bayatly

13.1 Spring 2005
BP Current Developments:
Production Begins at Central Azeri - Tamam Bayatly

12.4 Winter 2004
BP Current Developments:
"Golden Weld" Ceremony Links Azerbaijan and Georgia - Tamam Bayatly

12.3 Autumn 2004
BP Current Developments:
BTC Pipeline Moves Ahead - Tamam Bayatly

12.2 Summer 2004
BP Current Developments:
BP in Azerbaijan

12.1 Spring 2004
BP Current Developments:
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan - BTC Gets Funded - Tamam Bayatly

11.4 Winter 2003
BP Current Developments:
The Pipeline Construction in Full Swing - Tamam Bayatly
BTC Section - From Pipedream to Reality:
Moving Along - The Pipeline is Being Laid

11.3 Autumn 2003
BP Current Developments:
BTC Pipeline Begins - Tamam Bayatly
BTC Section - From Pipedream to Reality:
Moving Along - The Pipeline is Being Laid

11.2 Summer 2003
BP Current Developments:
Enlargening the Terminal at Sangachal - Tamam Bayatly
BTC Section - Construction Begins:
The Pipeline is on Its Way Now

11.1 Spring 2003
BP Current Developments:
First Pipe for BTC Pipeline Arrives in Baku - Tamam Bayatly
BTC Section - Pipeline Construction Begins:
Beginning the Journey Westward

10.4 Winter 2002
BP Current Developments:
Major Progress on Azeri Project - Tamam Bayatly

10.3 Autumn 2002
BP Current Developments: -
BTC Pipeline Embarks on Construction Phase - Tamam Bayatly
BTC Section - Between Two Seas: Progress on the BTC Pipeline Project - Mike Townshend

10.2 Summer 2002
BP Current Developments:
Creating Job Opportunities for the Local Workforce - Tamam Bayatly

10.1 Spring 2002
BP Current Developments:
Expansion of Sangachal Terminal - Tamam Bayatly

9.4 Winter 2001
Learning a New Mentality:
Caspian Drilling Company - Shaig Bakirov
New Developments: McDermott Signs Major Contracts with AIOC
BP Current Developments: Six Major Contracts Signed for ACG - Tamam Bayatly

9.3 Autumn 2001
- Russian Orthodox Church Restoration
Unocal's Poster Contest - Eight Years of Reflecting "Azerbaijan Today"
Azfen: Azerbaijanis on the Job
- Joint Venture Between Azerbaijan and Turkey
Petroleum Section - Cultural Updates: AGI Scholarships and ExxonMobil
BP Current Developments
- Phase 1 of Azeri, Chirag, Gunashli (ACG) Sanctioned

9.2 Summer 2001
Total Fina Elf - Community Projects
International Awards for SOCAR
Progress on the Main Export Pipeline
- Interview with David Woodward
Azerbaijani Leads Three Projects - Interview with Rashid Javanshir

9.1 Spring 2001
Current Trends and Developments in Azerbaijan's Oil
Exxon: Children's Encyclopedia: Educating for the Future

Pennzoil: Hospices and White Swans Dance Group
Statoil: Azerbaijan's Prime Minister Visits Norway
LUKoil: Putin's Visit and the Zigh Hovsan Contract
Chevron Meets with President Aliyev
BP Current Developments - Tamam Bayatli

8.4 Winter 2000
Current Developments
Pennzoil Caspian Brightens Kids' Lives
Shell Promotes Caspian Cooperation
Unocal - Environment via Art
Exxon - Children's Encyclopedia

8.3 Autumn 2000
Conoco Sponsors Olympics
Pennzoil Targets Youth
Total Fina Elf
Reservoir Modeling Center
ExxonMobil Supports Education

8.1 Spring 2000

Conoco Back in Town
Shell Gains Stake in Inam
LUKoil Ceremony
Statoil Visit
Ramco Finds Oil at Muradkhanli
Eni Helps Azerbaijani Refugees

7.4 Winter 1999
LUKoil Refurbishes Old Hotel

Unocal Commemorates Young Artist
ExxonMobil Supports Education
Schlumberger to Open Training Center

7.3 Autumn 1999
SOCAR Section
-Shah Daniz, Brown & Root, Agip

7.2 Summer 1999
Zafar-Mashal Operated by Exxon Mobil (USA)
Lerik Operated by Exxon Mobil (USA)
Padar Operated by Moncrief (USA)

7.1 Spring 1999
Exxon - New Community Center for Refugees in Bilasuvar
Statoil - On Its Own
Eni - Malaria Project
Developments at Mobil

LUKoil - Monument to Academician Dedicated

6.4 Winter 1998
Facing the Future - Natig Aliyev, President of SOCAR
Where We Stand Now - Ilham Aliyev, Executive VP of SOCAR
Pipeline to Jeyhan - The Turkish Perspective - Nihat Gokyigit, Tekfen
Pennzoil Renovates TB Sanatorium
Unocal's Community Involvement
Shah Daniz - Bibi-Heybat School

6.3 Autumn 1998
Britain, Baku Oil and the Cycle of History - Terry D. Adams
Shah Daniz: Istiglal Drilling Rig Rebuilt
NAOC: Humanitarian Developments
AIOC: Current Developments
First Days: An Interview with John Hoholick, Exxon's Technology Manager

6.2 Summer 1998
An Interview with Natig Aliyev,
President of SOCAR
An Interview with Ken Bradley, President of UNOCAL

6.1 Spring 1998
Anticipating a Bright Future
- Ilham Aliyev, Executive VP of SOCAR
Azerbaijan and Iran: Oil Industry Cooperation
AIOC: Current Developments
NAOC: Current Developments

5.4 Winter 1997
Three Years of Accomplishments
- Natig Aliyev, President of SOCAR
LUKoil: Contract for Prospect D-222
Journey into the future- Ilham Aliyev, Executive VP of SOCAR
NAOC: Current Developments - Tom Klockenbrink

5.3 Autumn 1997
AIOC: Catalyst for Change
- Terry D. Adams
NAOC: Current Developments - Mike Barnes

5.2 Summer 1997
Oily Rocks: Legend and Reality
- Seyyad Ibrahimov (First VP of SOCAR)

5.1 Spring 1997
Press Conference
with Ilham Aliyev (VP of SOCAR) and Terry Adams (President of AIOC). In Washington, D. C. at a conference on February 18, 1997 sponsored by the U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce.
97 Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition - An Interview with Susan Crouch by Betty Blair

4.4 Winter 1996
SOCAR: Interview with Ilham Aliyev
- Betty Blair
CIPCO-Caspian International Petroleum Company - James Tilley
BP & Statoil Alliance - Einar Bergh
SOCAR: Miscellaneous
Fourth Consortium Signed - Dan Ulduzu and Ashrafi Prospects

4.3 Autumn 1996
SOCAR Foreign Investment
- Natig Aliyev, President of SOCAR
Japanese Companies Following Itochu
- Khoshbakht Yusifzade, VP of SOCAR
Capital Construction - Ahmad Zeynalov
Amoco and AmeriCares: Hospital for Oilmen
Shah Daniz Signed
: Third Major Contract in Caspian
Caspian International Petroleum Company
University Honors Oil Industrialist
"Green Goddesses" to the Rescue

4.2 Summer 1996
Oil Development in Azerbaijan since Last Year's Oil Exhibition
- Natig Aliyev
Angolan President: Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Graduate from Baku's Oil Academy
The Development of the Oil & Gas Industry in Azerbaijan
- Khoshbakht Yusifzade

4.1 Spring 1996
Karabakh-2nd Major Oil Contract

SOCAR Current Trends & Developments - Valeh Alasgarov
Entrepreneurship of LUKOIL

3.4 Winter 1995
From SOCAR's Perspectiv
e - Natig Aliyev, President of SOCAR
Developments with AIOC: Pipeline Decision - Einar Bergh
Gunashli for a Sunnier Future - Mike Sparks
Azerbaijani Student Honored (Shahin Aliyev)
Azerbaijan - Norway Friendship Society
Statoil's "Jubilee Fund" to Azeri Orphans
New Oil Industry Dictionary Published

3.3 Autumn 1995
Choosing the Route for "Early Oil"
- Natig Aliyev, President of SOCAR
Azerbaijan and Norway: The Parallels by Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian Minister of Energy
Statoil in Azerbaijan by Jon N. Vold, Executive VP of Statoil
Getting Azerbaijan Oil to the International Market: A Turkish Perspective by Nejdet Pamir
Environmental Risks of Oil Transportation Through the Bosphorus by Marcus Hopkins

3.1 Spring 1995
Azerbaijan's Oil Pipeline Route: Turkey Gains Edge
by Masoud Javadi and Nasser Sagheb

2.4 Winter 1994
The Oil Contract: Anticipating the Future
- Natig Aliyev, President of SOCAR
Azerbaijan's "Contract of the Century" Finally Signed with Western Oil Consortium - Nasser Sagheb and Masoud Javadi
Chronology of the Oil Contracts with the Western Consortium
The Status of the Caspian
- Khoshbakht Yusifzade
State-of-the-Art Technology Transfer: Chevron / SOCAR Story
Trailblazer in Pursuit of Oil: Re-opening of Azerbaijan to the West - Anne Kressler

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