Crisis in the Caucasus - 2008 / 2009
The Russian / Georgian Conflict as it Impacts Azerbaijan

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Paul Goble


Paul Goble is a long-time specialist on the non-Russian peoples of the Former Soviet Union at the State Department and in US international broadcasting, taught for two years in Estonia after retirement. Goble's immense contribution is to show how complex the situation. Whereas others often focus on one aspect of the fallout from this crisis - such as where should the pipeline to the West be routed, Goble shows the complex picture as it relates to the region on both a state and personal level.

A prodigious reader and prolific writer, Goble has 40 years of experience studying this region which equips him to hone in on trends and nuances while showing the complexity of the issues.

Goble writes daily on his blog Window on Eurasia, basing his analysis on an enormous range of material, often gleaned from Russian sources. Most recently, he served as Director of Research and Publications at the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy in Baku.

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The articles which follow reflect Goble's own opinions. Goble currently writes from his home in Vienna, Virginia. Contact:

General Political Analysis by Paul Goble

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Islamic Challenge in Russia Increasingly Resembles The One in Europe, Moscow Scholar Says

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Moscow to Use 'Harsh Measures' to Stem Ethnic Clashes in Universities
Russian Flight from Central Asia Seen Accelerating
  If Conditions are So Bad, Why Are So Few Russians in the Streets?

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