Crisis in the Caucasus - 2008
The Russian / Georgian Conflict and its Impact on Azerbaijan

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Paul Goble

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August 2008 - Daily Blog from Window on Eurasia

 Pale yellow color designates events directly related to Azerbaijan

Aug 18
Moscow Expert: Russian Interest in Blocking BTC Pipeline
War in Georgia Triggers Investment Flight from Russia

Aug 19
Lessons of Three Soviet Anniversaries

Aug 21
Ukrainians: How to Counter Russian Threat to Crimea

Aug 22
Georgians in Russia Harassed

Aug 23
Which Countries Would Recognize Abhazia and South Ossetia?
Miscellaneous Shorts

Aug 24
Moscow Pre-Positioned Journalists in South Ossetia
Why Tatarstan Must Be Independent, Activists Say

Aug 25
Three Disturbing Developments on the Russian Media Scene
New Russian History Textbook: Stalin as Hero

Aug 26
Moscow's Actions in Georgia: Undermining Russia's Ties with Serbia
Territorial Integrity: Time for a New Non-Recognition Policy

Chechens: "Why Can't We Be Free, too?"
Reaction to Chechen President's Support of Moscow's Recognition of Abhazia and South Ossetia

 Aug 27
Moscow's 'Buffer' Plan Allows Russians to Occupy Key Parts of Georgia

 Aug 28
Swallowing Stalin's Poison Pills

 Aug 30
Will Iran Become the Route Out for Caspian Oil?
And How Will That Transform the Geopolitics of the Region?
  Moscow's Moves in Georgia Spark Calls for Recognition of Captive Nations in Russia

 Aug 31
Moscow's Recognition of Breakaway Republics Encourages Tatar Activists
  The Third Cold War Has Begun, Karaganov Says

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