Crisis in the Caucasus - 2008
The Russian / Georgian Conflict and its Impact on Azerbaijan

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Paul Goble

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September 2008 - Daily Blog from Window on Eurasia

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Sept 1
Moscow to Help Iran Complete Bushehr Atomic Plant
  Tbilisi's Decision to Break with Moscow Leaves Georgians in Russia with Fewer Defenders
  Ingush Opposition to Pursue Independence after Police Murder Website Owner

Sept 3
Ingush Tragedy Likely to "End with a New Andizhan"
  Muslims Seen Moving into Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Changing Religious Balance in Both

Sept 4
Bashkirs Invoke Self-Determination Rights against Putin's Power
Will Georgia Reinforce Putin's Power or Strengthen Medvedev's Hand?

Sept 5
Update: Moscow Wins Major Victory on Pipeline

Sept 9
Moscow's Use of Russian Passports in Georgia Disturbs Other Post-Soviet States
Moscow Publisher's Call for Unitary State Frightens Russia's Minorities
Georgia's New Rights Party Calls for Saakashvili to Resign

Sept 10
Kremlin Should Not View West's Reaction on Georgia as a Victory, Russian Analysts Say
  UN Satellite Undercut Russian Claims about South Ossetia

Sept 11
Georgian Opposition to Saakashvili is Not and Will Not Be Pro-Russian, Moscow Analyst Says
  Is Moscow About to Cross a Third Rubicon in the Caucasus?
  New Moscow Policies Likely to Spread Ethnic Conflicts Beyond Hot Spots 

Sept 12
Some Russians Ask What Did Their Country Achieve by Invading Georgia
  State Power has Collapsed in Ingushetia, Markedonov Says

Sept 13
Moscow Wants Arctic to Become Russia's 'Strategic Resource Base' 

Sept 14
Russian Invasion Energized Georgian Blogosphere

Sept 17
Moscow Prepared for 'a Caucasus Anschluss' but Probably Won't Carry It Through

Sept 17
Moscow's Increasingly Crude Diplomatic Language Points to Trouble Ahead

Sept 17
Moscow's Effort to Present Itself as Defender of Crimean Tatars Falls Flat

Sept 18
New Russian Bases in Abkhazia, South Ossetia Strengthen Moscow's Hand in South Caucasus, Black Sea Region
  Moscow Prepares to Challenge the West on Arctic Delimitation

Sept 19
"Did Georgia Fight with Money Sent from Russia?" Izvestiya Asks

Sept 20
Minsk Blocks Chernobyl Children from Getting Treatment Abroad

Sept 22
How Georgia Made South Ossetians 'Separatists in Spite of Themselves'
  When 'the Non-Existing Recognize the Unrecognized'
Kazakhstan Drops Plan to Export Grain via Georgia

 Sept 23
Moscow Can Now Offer Russian Citizenship to Eight Million Ukrainians
  Moscow Paper Recalls when Soviets and Nazis Marched Together
  Tuva Republic Presents Moscow with a New Separatist Challenge

Sept 24
Another Casualty of the Georgian War - Social Programs in Russia

Sept 25
The Anniversary that Failed ­ Tajuddin's Central MSD at 220
  Russians Not Ready to Extend Long-term Aid to Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Poll Suggests

 Sept 27
Kremlin Can't Pursue War against Internet without Hackers, Expert Says
  Shorts - Georgian Events
  Shorts - Non-Georgian Items 

 Sept 29
"Post-Soviet Does Not Mean Anti-Soviet," Russian Analyst Says
  Medvedev Says Moscow at Risk of Losing Russian Far East

Sept 30
Georgian Ombudsman Says Saakashvili's Authoritarianism Must End
  Moscow May Help Russian Firms Buy Foreign Companies at Fire Sale Prices
  No Terrorist Act in Post-Soviet Russia Has Ever Been Fully Investigated, Expert Says

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