Crisis in the Caucasus - 2008
The Russian / Georgian Conflict and its Impact on Azerbaijan

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Paul Goble

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October 2008 - Daily Blog from Window on Eurasia

 Pale yellow color designates events directly related to Azerbaijan

 Oct 1
Larger Military Draft in Russia This Fall Seen Provoking Protests
  Medvedev, Putin Send Contrasting Messages to Russia's Muslims
  Moscow Began Preparing for Georgian War Four Years Ago, Illarionov Says

 Oct 2
Georgian Opposition to Saakashvili Unites Under Human Rights Banner
  If the CIS Disintegrates, Russia Might Too, Moscow Expert Says
  Azerbaijan Hopes to Send More Oil through Russia, SOCAR Says

 Oct 3
Today's Stalin Cult in Russia More Insidious than Late Soviet Era One, Analysts Say

 Oct 4
Hard-Pressed Moscow Opposition Leaders Ask U.S. Not to Cut Russian-Language Broadcasts
  Shorts for October 4 ­ Non-Georgian Items
  Shorts for October 4, 2008 ­ Georgian Events

 Oct 6
National Movements in North Caucasus Now Threaten Existing Borders
  Ethnic Russians in Ukraine Re-identifying as Ukrainians
  Will Explosions in South Ossetia Slow Moscow's Withdrawal from Buffer Zone?

Oct 11 
Shorts for October 11 - Non-Georgian Items
  Shorts for October 11 - Georgian Events
  Religious Groups Playing Larger Role in Russian Elections

 Oct 12
Russian Evangelicals Recall 'Milestone' in Their Struggle for Freedom
  Mufti who Bridges Soviet, Russian Eras Looks Back at 60

  Oct 13
Did Russian Agencies Try to Poison Politkovskaya Attorney in France?
  Tatars Recall Russian Occupation of Kazan in 1552 Despite Threats from Officials

 Oct 14
New Russian Book Says Stalin's Deportation of Nationalities Was Justified

 Oct 15
Moscow Must Gear Up to Fight Information Wars, Diplomatic Academy Dean Says
  Moscow Seeks Greater Control over Religious Education than Soviets Did, Russian Critics Say
  Moscow's Man at NATO Redefines the Meaning of Diplomacy 

 Oct 16
Moscow Selectively Enforces Law to Close Religious Groups It Doesn't Like
  Moscow's Control of North Caucasus Regimes Increasing but Their Control of the Population is Declining, Expert Says
  Orthodoxy Becomes an Obstacle rather than a Bridge in Russian-Georgian Relations

 Oct 17
Soviet-Era Underground Church Did Not Exist Apart from Legal Congregations, Moscow Historian Says
  Putin is the 'Hope and Defense' of the Islamic World, Kadyrov Says
  Georgians Plotting Terrorist Attacks against Russia, Moscow Officials Say

 Oct 18
Shorts for October 18 ­ Georgian Events
  Shorts for October 18 ­ Non-Georgian Items

 Oct 19
Branches of Foreign Universities Play Major Role in Post-Soviet States 

Oct 20
Ingushetia is Today Where Chechnya Was in 1999, Moscow Analyst Says
  2008 Crisis a Greater Threat to Russia than was the 1998 Default, Satarov Says
  Moscow Failing to Counter Radical Right Violence, Rights Activists Say

 Oct 21
Russia's Protestants Now Fear Being Linked to Co-Religionists in the West
  Khrushchev's Campaign against Religion Still Casts a Shadow on Russia

 Oct 22
Combining Ingushetia and Chechnya Seen Sparking Larger War
  The Islamization of the Internet or the Internetization of Islam
  No Russian Leader Will Retreat from Recognition of Abkhazia, South Ossetia
South Ossetians Want to Be Independent of Russia Too, Moscow Paper Says

 Oct 23
Soviet-Style Media Censorship Yields Some Soviet-Style Results
  No Russian Could Make a Film about Putin like Oliver Stone's 'W' about Bush

 Oct 24
Will the New Central Asian Water-Sharing Accord Actually Work?

 Oct 25
Shorts for October 25 ­ Georgian Events
Shorts for October 25 ­ Non-Georgian Items
Kazan Again Challenges Putin's 'Common Legal Space'

Oct 27
Chinese More Comfortable in Russian Far East than in Moscow But Less Interested in Staying There
Moscow Tells Washington to 'Forget' Georgia and Resume Cooperation
  Some Chukchis Are No Longer Offended by Chukchi Jokes 

 Oct 28
Moscow Must Not Be Tempted by Georgian Events to Attack Crimea, French Foreign Minister Warns

 Oct 29
Some in Kremlin 'Regret' Recognizing Breakaway States, Belkovsky Says
  Russian Internal Troops Reportedly Being Prepared for Mass Disorders
  Many Russian Regions Would be Better Off if They Were Independent, Study Finds

 Oct 30
Could the Georgian Diaspora Become a Bridge between Moscow and Tbilisi?
  Moscow Faces Enormous Problems in Developing Northern Sea Route
  Putin, Popular Indifference Subverted Key Provisions of 1993 Constitution, Its Drafter Says
  Medvedev Views Moscow as the New Jerusalem While Putin Sees it as the Third Rome, Yakunin Says 
  Putin, Popular Indifference Subverted Key Provisions of 1993 Constitution, Its Drafter Says

 Oct 31
'The Victory of Communism is Inevitable'
  Will Dismissing Zyazikov Calm Ingushetia or Further Inflame the North Caucasus?

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