Crisis in the Caucasus - 2008
The Russian / Georgian Conflict and its Impact on Azerbaijan

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Paul Goble

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December 2008 - Daily Blog from Window on Eurasia

 Pale yellow color designates events directly related to Azerbaijan

Dec 1
Is an Independent Abkhazia a Direct Threat to Russia?
  Migrant Worker Strike Frightens Russians, Could Trigger an Explosion

Dec 2 
'Being a Muslim Does Not Meaning Being an Arab,' North Caucasus Official Says
  Russia's Most Violent Criminals of the 1990s Now Being Released from Prison
  Regional Leaders May Prove to Be Big Losers as a Result of Putin's Latest Moves

 Dec 3
More Russians Now Prepared to Defend Their Interests via Collective Actions than a Decade Ago
  Moscow Must Not Assume Muslim World Will Always Side with Russia Against the West, Moscow Scholar Says
  Europe Must Talk with Moscow but Not Resume 'Business as Usual,' Rights Groups Say

 Dec 4
Rights Activists Protest Moscow's Moves toward Cheka-Style 'Justice'

Dec 5
Kremlin, Fearful of Popular Unrest, Moves to Defuse the Situation

 Dec 6
Who will be Russia's Next Patriarch?

Dec 7 
Shorts for December 7 - Georgian Events
  Shorts for December 7 - Non-Georgian Items

Dec 8
Moscow's 'Divide and Rule' Policies in the Caucasus Being Challenged
  EU Proposes 'Eastern Partnership' to Six Former Soviet Republics

Dec 9 
Federation Council Creates Special Commission on North Caucasus
  'Ethnicization of Russian Consciousness' Taking Place for First Time

Dec 11 
Could Central Asian Women Become 'Surrogate Democrats'?

 Dec 12
Ever More Russians Finding Themselves on Moscow's 'Black Lists'
  Russian Prison Population Again Approaches One Million

 Dec 13
Today's Russia 'Pregnant with Fascism,' Guluzade Warns

 Dec 15
North Caucasus More Unstable Now than When Yeltsin Launched First Post-Soviet Chechen War

 Dec 16
Russian Government's Proposed Redefinition of Treason Would Restore 'Stalinist Norms,' Rights Activists Say
Russia's Last Soviet Mufti Departs

 Dec 17
Russification Efforts in Mari El Disturb Hungarians
  Bridging Current Divide between Russians and Georgians Will Be Hard, Polls Suggest
  Gontmakher's Warning of Popular Unrest in the Regions Comes True in Vladivostok

 Dec 31
Russian Liberals Have No Reason for Optimism as 2008 Ends, Moscow Analyst Says

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