Crisis in the Caucasus - 2008
The Russian / Georgian Conflict and its Impact on Azerbaijan

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Paul Goble

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November 2008 - Daily Blog from Window on Eurasia

 Pale yellow color designates events directly related to Azerbaijan

Nov 2
Shorts for November 2 - Georgian Events
  Shorts for November 2 - Non-Georgian Events

Nov 3
Tehran - with Moscow's Backing - Seeks to Expand its Role in the Caucasus
  Pro-Putin Youth Group Takes Positions It Earlier Denounced as Fascist 

Nov 5
Tatar Nationalists Ask UN to Condemn 1921 Famine as Genocide
  Russian Dissenters Now Using Tactics of Soviet Dissidents, Igor Kon Says

Nov 6
Russia and Europe Must Unite to Resist US and China, Moscow Analysts Say
  Moscow Lashes Out at Poland for Warsaw's Assistance to Georgia But Its Real Target is the West

Nov 7
Georgian Opposition Seeks 'Peaceful' Ouster of Saakashvili But Faces Uphill Fight
  November 7th Must Be Recalled Not as a Triumph but as a Tragedy, Not for Its Victors but Because of Its Victims

Nov 8
Shorts for November 8 ­ Georgian Events

Nov 10 
Sarkozy Plan Does Not Restore Status Quo Ante in Georgia Whatever Anyone Thinks, Moscow Analyst Says

Nov 11 
Russian Nationalists Fear Rise of Obama-Like Leader in Their Country

Nov 13
Russia's New Growth Industry - Pawnshops

Nov 14 
Toward a Dangerous New Era of Partially Recognized States in the Post-Soviet Space?
  Russian Military Boards Increasingly Violate Rights of Draftees

Nov 16 
Financial Crisis Provoking Regionalist and Separatist Challenges to Moscow

Nov 17
Financial Crisis Creating Problems for Russia's Orthodox, Muslim and Jewish Leaders

Nov 18
Russians React to IMF Warning that Unemployed Migrants May Turn to Crime
  'Falling Oil Prices are Saving the World from Russia's Ambitions,' Moscow Analysts Say

 Nov 19
Medvedev Asserts Nearly Unlimited Right to Revise the Russian Constitution
  Moscow Prepares to Dismiss Four Prominent Regional Leaders
  Noose Tightens Around Ingushetia's Zyazikov Figuratively and Literally

 Nov 20
A Return to Higher Oil Prices Alone Will Not Stabilize Russia, Moscow Experts Say
  Was There Another Yalta at Nice?
  Major Faiths in Russia Suffer from 'Cadres Hunger'

 Nov 21
Uzbek History Textbook Denounces Soviet Totalitarianism But Downplays Popular Movements in Uzbekistan
  Kyrgyzstan Expands Efforts to Protect its Co-Nationals in Russia
  Russians' Experience with Soviet Lines Blocks Rise of Civil Society Today

Nov 22 
Russian Groups Intended to Promote Law and Order in Fact Undermine It
  Shorts for November 22 - Georgian Events
  Shorts for November 22 - Non-Georgian Items

Nov 24 
Could the Disappearing Aral Sea Become Geopolitcally the New Caspian?
  Putin's Russia Increasing Resembles Brezhnev's Soviet Union
  How Stalin Built a Terror-Based 'Power Vertical'

 Nov 26
Circassians Call for Single Circassian Republic in North Caucasus
  A Saudi Mosque in Moscow in Exchange for a Russian Church in Mecca?
  Putin Restored 'Stalinist Mechanism of Rule' in Modernized Form, Moscow Analyst Says

Nov 27 
Moscow Proposes Building 'Super Canal' from Arctic to Persian Gulf
  Some Russians-Christians and Communists-Venerate Icon of Stalin
  Economic Crisis Claims Another Victim: Putin's Regional Amalgamation Plan

Nov 28
'Novaya Gazeta' Admits Dropping will Affect Coverage of Russian Security Services
Kyiv's Focus on Stalin-Era Famine Leads Russians and Kazakhs to Ask Why Their Governments Don't
Ethnic Russians Now a Minority in Almost a Third of Country's Federal Units, MVD Says

Nov 29 
Shorts for November 29 - Georgian Events
  Shorts for November 29 - Non-Georgian Events

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