Crisis in the Caucasus - 2009
The Russian / Georgian Conflict and its Impact on Azerbaijan

Opinions Worth Considering....

Paul Goble

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January 2009 - Daily Blog from Window on Eurasia

 Pale yellow color designates events directly related to Azerbaijan

Jan 13
Sovietization of Baltic States 'Worse Than Any Occupation,' Russian Historian Says

 Jan 22
Moscow Paper Wants Its Journalists Armed for Self-Defense

Jan 23 
Moscow is Now Set to Move Beyond Gorchakov's Injunction, Lavrov Says

 Jan 28
Is Moldova About to Leave GUAM?

 Jan 29
Russian Politicians and Officials No Longer Writing Memoirs, But Oligarchs Increasingly Blog

Jan 30
Most of What Russians Believe about Migrant Workers is Wrong, Moscow Paper Says

Jan 31 
Non-Mosque Trend in Islam Remains Strong in Many Parts of Russia

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