Azerbaijan International

Winter 2001 (9.4)
Pages 74-75

Business and Opportunities
AzerbaijanAdopt ListServ

A Home for Inara - Azerbaijan's First Adoption
Guidelines - Adopting a Child from Azerbaijan
AzerbaijanAdopt ListServ

British Airways Adopts Orphanage
Saving the Children: Mobil Undertakes Orphanage Project
Children's Games Build Bridges: International Women's Club Reaches Out
Third Annual Reunion of Adopted Children from Azerbaijan

Want to learn more about adopting a child from Azerbaijan? Kimi Abernathy has recently established the AzerbaijanAdopt Group, an easy-to-use e-mail Listserv on Yahoo! Groups. Kimi and her husband, Bill, adopted a daughter named Inara from Azerbaijan last year. [See "A Home for Inara - At Last, Azerbaijan's First Adoption" in AI 9.3, Autumn 2001.

SEARCH at] The new AzerbaijanAdopt forum is made for families who have adopted a child from Azerbaijan, families who are in the process of an Azerbaijani adoption or those considering Azerbaijani adoptions. Highly recommended as an incredibly valuable resource. To join the Listserv, go to

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