Azerbaijan International magazine is an independent publication committed to the discussion of issues related to Azerbaijanis around the world.
Produced quarterly since 1993. Contains about 100 pages each issue.

Contains more than 2200 articles on a wide range of subjects including art, music, literature, health, environment, international relations, business, trends and transitions.

Editor: Betty Blair
Publisher: Pirouz Khanlou

Los Angeles Office
Box 5217, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, USA
Tel: (310) 440-0800

Baku Office
Sea View Plaza (in front of Nariman Narimanov statue)
Baku, Azerbaijan AZ1001
Tel: (994-12) 497-8877 • 497-6136

1. U.S. Embassy in Baku: The 2009 Recipient of the Hafiz Pashayev Award for Promotion of U.S. Azerbaijan Relations by the Embassy of the United States of America in Baku “for bringing Azerbaijani Culture to America via Azerbaijan International and working tireless to build lasting bridges between the United States and Azerbaijan Through Cultural, Humanitarian and Educational Exchanges."

Presented by U.S. Ambassador Anne Derse to Azerbaijan International at the American Anbassador's residence on July 3, 2009. This was only the second time this award had been given. The previous year, it had been given to Hafiz Pashayev.

2. Named “Best Magazine of the Year - 2007” in Azerbaijan by New Writers and Artists for “promotion of Azerbaijani history, literature, culture and realities throughout the world."

Azerbaijan International's Web sites
(created 1996)
"Largest Web site in the World About Azerbaijan"
Most articles that have been published in the quarterly magazine since 1993 are available to read or print. Nearly 2,500 articles and 6,200 photos
More than 165 music samples

2. (created 2000)
Azerbaijani Literature - More than 65 authors in Azeri and English translation

3. (created 1999)
"Discover the Little Known World of Azerbaijani Art"
More than 4,000 samples of art are on display from more than 170 artists.

4. (created 2001)
Celebrating the Legacy of Azerbaijan's Great Composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov (1885-1948)"

5. AI Store
Quality items from Azerbaijan: CDs, Books, Dictionaries and more. Currently more than 325 quality items for sale.

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Other Achievements
GOOGLE: Azerbaijan International is listed on first page for entry "Azerbaijan" (2011) with more than 71 million entries.

WIKIPEDIA: More than 375 links from to, the world’s most popular encyclopedia on the Internet.

5th Jubilee of Azerbaijan International
President Heydar Aliyev's Speech
(Akhundov Library in Baku, November 20, 1997)

Other Projects
Coffee Table Photo Book: Produced Azerbaijan - Land of Fire, the first photo book about contemporary Azerbaijan since Independence (1991). Sponsored by British Petroleum and Statoil Alliance, 168 pages, Copyright 1996. Second printing - July 1998. Soft or hard bound versions are available from Azerbaijan International at AI Store.

CDs Produced
1. Surkhai Alasgarov -
The Golden Ring"
This CD features
Surkhai Alasgarov (Aleskerov in Russian), 14-year-old vocal prodigy, singing with the Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra (Yashar Imanov, conductor). This album includes both popular songs and opera favorites in Azeri and Russian. 1996. Available from AI Store

Classical Music Series of Azerbaijan - 6 CDs
Produced "Classical Music of Azerbaijan," the first classical music CD series ever made in Azerbaijan. This collection of 6 CDs includes: (1) Symphonic, (2) Ballet, (3) Concerto, (4) Piano, (5) Opera and (6) Chamber Music-was sponsored by Amoco. The set includes 74 works by 15 composers which were all performed in Baku in January and February 1997 by the Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra (Yalchin Adigozalov, conductor) and the Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra (Yashar Imanov, conductor). The CD collection premiered at Baku's Opera Theater in June 1997. Available in CD or cassette albums (individually or as a set) from AI Store.

3. Tofig Guliyev - "Songs of the Heart"
Production of the first CD album of
Tofig Guliyev's "Songs of the Heart" which includes previously recorded performances by Rashid Behbudov, Shovkat Alakbarova and others. For the first time in the history of the country, the song lyrics are printed in Azeri Latin script in the CD booklet. Sponsored by British Petroleum and Statoil. © March 1998. AI Store.

4. Uzeyir Hajibeyov - 7 CDs
Hajibeyov's most Famous Operas and Musical Comedies:
Leyli and Majnun - (Vol 1 and 2)
Mashadi Ibad - (Vol 3)
Arshin Mal Alan - (Vol 4 and 5)
Koroghlu - (Vol 6 and 7)
Sponsored by
Statoil. Produced by Azerbaijan International. © 2001. For Librettos in Azeri Latin or in English translation, see Available: AI Store.

5. Ilgar Muradov - "Gurban Adina"
Enjoy folk and composed songs performed by Ilgar Muradov. Includes the following songs: Gurban Adina, Bana-Bana Gal (Come to Me), O Gozlar (Those Eyes), Otushur Zaman (Time Passes), Lachin, Asgarin Ariyasi (Asgar's Aria), Bulag Usta (On the Spring), Omrumun Istayi (The Desire of My Life), Labi-Lab, Sari Galin, Badamli. © 2003. Azerbaijan International Magazine. Baku, Azerbaijan.
Available: AI Store.

6. Vagif Mustafazade, Mugham Jazz Pianist
Set of six CDs. ©2004.

"Global Horizons: President Aliyev's Visit to the USA" which chronicles President Heydar Aliyev's first official 10-day visit to the United States in August 1997. The book contains 64 pages, 115 photos, all color, available in soft and hard bound versions. The English version was sponsored by Amoco, Chevron, Exxon and Mobil. The Azeri (Latin script) version was sponsored by Texaco. Request from Azerbaijan International.

2. First Book of Short Stories in English since Independence. Mir Jalal: Dried Up in Meetings and other Short Stories. Edited and published a book of ten short stories written by Mir Jalal Pashayev (1908-1978). This is the first book in the Azerbaijan Literature Series to be published by Azerbaijan International. Mir Jalal's Stories satirize the Soviet bureaucracy of the 1930s -1970s. It is the first time a book has been published of Mir Jalal's works in English. Translation from Azerbaijani to English by Dr. Hasan Javadi. Available from Azerbaijan International at AI Store. © September 1998. AI Store.

Cultural Broker - Consultant
1. First major Azerbaijani-English Dictionary in the linguistic history of the country. Instrumental in identifying the need to publish the first Azerbaijani-English Dictionary. AI's editor Betty Blair connected Exxon with the Institute of Foreign Languages where the Vice-Rector, Oruj Musayev, had spent 25 years with a linguistic team to compile a 45,000 term, 648-page Azeri-English dictionary. This work enables Azerbaijanis to learn English directly from Azeri instead of having to master Russian first. AI Store.

2. Exxon sponsored the printing of both the Cyrillic version (October 1995) as well as the Latin script version (June 1998). Copies are available from Azerbaijan International or from the Institute of Foreign Languages in Baku. In 2003, the English-Azerbaijani dictionary was published. Available at AI Store.

Sports Center in Refugee Camp.
Instrumental in identifying the need for a Sports Center for Sabirabad Refugee camp. AI introduced Arco to the idea of building a recreational facility for young people at Sabirabad's largest refugee camp where 12,000 people are living. Completed Summer 1997.

Baku Blood Center. Instrumental in identifying the need of refurbishing and re-equipping the Baku Blood Center for Texaco. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the breaking of supply lines, Azerbaijan desperately needs a reliable, clean blood supply so that blood can be collected, stored and tested for communicable diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS, etc.

This project has been extremely beneficial to families who have children with chronic blood diseases such as hemophilia and thalassemia who need frequent blood transfusions not to mention patients with heart and kidney diseases, cancer, women in child birth and victims of traumatic accidents. Presently, patients must identify their own blood donors themselves.

Two floors of one of the wings of the Blood Center Clinic were totally refurbished by Texaco. Now equipment is being shipped to Baku that includes centrifuges, refrigerators, transformers and reagents. Winter 1998.

Children's Philharmonic Symphony. Instrumental in identifying needs of the Children's Philharmonic of the Bul-bul School of Music with Texaco. This dynamic, hard-working and extraordinarily talented group of children have formed an orchestra in November 1996 under the leadership of Azer Rezayev. $50,000 worth of instruments (violins, etc) and musical equipment was donated to this school. Completed July 1998.

6. Ancient Music Ensemble. Identifying needs of this group to be able to continue their development of ancient repertoire and ancient musical instruments. In progress - July 1998 with Texaco. Edited English for the book featuring these medieval instruments created by Majnun Karimov. AI Store.

Video - "Lost Generation: Section 907 and the Refugees in Azerbaijan." Azerbaijan International's editor, Betty Blair, who has spent considerable time in the refugee camps, was interviewed in this video along with Lawrence Eagleburger (former U.S. Secretary of State under President George H.W. Bush) and Farshad Rastegar (Director of Relief International). This video describes the tragic living conditions of nearly 1 million Azerbaijani refugees and the negative impact the U.S. Congressional legislature has had on the refugees by denying any U.S. aid to be directed to the Azerbaijani government.

APCO Associates (Washington, D.C.) produced the video under the sponsorship of Frontera Resources. English and Azerbaijani language copies may be obtained from Frontera upon availability. In U.S., contact: Bob Berls at (703) 978-9290 or Fax: (703) 426-8594. Available since October 1998.

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