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Sabina and Her Violin

Sabina Rakcheyeva, 24-year-old Azerbaijani violin virtuoso, spent the summer in Switzerland performing at the Verbier Music Festival. Of the 900 musicians who auditioned last winter for the Festival, Sabina was one of the 100 talented youth who were invited to join the UBS Verbier Festival Youth Orchestra, a group led by world-renowned conductor James Levine. This October, Sabina will tour with the orchestra to 10 European cities, including Frankfurt, Berlin, Milan, Rome, London, Monte Carlo, Paris, Zurich, Barcelona and Madrid.

Sabina continues her second year of study at America's most prestigious music school, Juilliard in New York City, and will graduate in 2001 with a Master's degree in music. Again, Juilliard offered Azerbaijan's talented violinist a scholarship completely covering her tuition.

Great enthusiasts of Sabina's musical talent, the Italian Ambassador, Alesandro Fallovallita, and his wife Fusun, again for the second summer invited all of Baku's diplomatic corps to hear Sabina perform a full-length concert in their residence this past June.

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