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Education for Girls - Essential for Humankind

"An educated woman is an educated mother and, as such, she is able to provide her children with a broad outlook. On the other hand, an uneducated woman is an uneducated mother who cannot broaden her children's horizons."

Written Word Brings Happiness

"Since my parents were poor, they were not able to give me anything except love and care. I'm grateful for that, as it has made me who I am. All my work has been directed to one goal - that my nation will attain happiness. I'm working day and night so this wish can come true. In order to succeed, it will be necessary to open many schools, publish many books, magazines and newspapers and distribute them throughout our land, including distant villages."

Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev (1823-1924), the philanthropist Oil Baron, built the first boarding school for Azeri girls in Baku-the Alexandrian Russian Muslim Female Boarding School which opened in 1901 in what is now the Manuscript Institute. Up to that time, only boys were being educated. Taghiyev himself had never received any formal education and could hardly read and write. His residence (built in 1895 to 1896 and \now serves as the History Museum) has the most opulent interior of all the buildings of that period. Both buildings-the History Museum and the Manuscript Institute-are open to the public [See Taghiyev, page 39].

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