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The paintings that I ordered from the Web site: just arrived and they are so beautiful. Thanks to Azerbaijan International for helping us acquire them. And thank you, Hamza Abdullayev, for painting them. We are going to hang them in our living room and show them off to everyone. The packaging was very well done and the painting arrived from Baku to the States in perfect condition [via DHL]. Excellent! Best wishes to all of you and to Azerbaijan and its artists!

Jaye C. Taylor

Note: The Web site - - is the creation of Azerbaijan International. It has been on the Internet since Summer 1999 and has now grown to include more than 1,700 artistic works by 115 Azerbaijani artists. Art lovers all over the world can view these works and contact the artists directly.
Artists are invited to exhibit photos of their most recent works at AZgallery - compliments of Azerbaijan International. There are no costs and no commissions for exhibiting. It's free to the artists simply because we think they deserve to be known worldwide. Inquire at our Baku office at 7 Alizade Street or Tel: (99-412) 98-93-53 or write us:

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