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Winter 2000 (8.4)


You could say that Azerbaijan has been a dream assignment for French Ambassador Jean-Pierre Guinhut, who has steeped himself in Eastern culture, languages and literature for the past 30 years. Here Ambassador Guinhut speaks about his efforts to bring an effective French-language teaching method to Azerbaijan and his desire to make Azerbaijan's culture known throughout the world. Page 22-24.

Exactly how old is the Caucasus Albanian Christian church found in Kish, a remote village in Azerbaijan? By sifting through layers of evidence at the site, Norwegian-American archeologist J. Bjornar Storfjell and a team of researchers have determined that the church may be as much as 1,500 years old. Read how Norway is helping Azerbaijan dig deeper into its past. Page18-21.

As one of Iranian Azerbaijan's foremost writers and historians, Rahim Raisnia focuses on the area's history, especially that of the 19th and 20th century. Besides writing several important books, Raisnia has contributed articles to Azerbaijan International regularly for the past three years. His articles appear in the Azeri Arabic script and are archived at, the magazine's new Web site for the Azeri language.Page 74-75.


Interviewing Olympic gold medalists and world chess champions was a new experience for AI Staff Member Arzu Aghayeva. "Now I understand how well-developed Azerbaijan's sports are becoming," she says. "I'm so proud of our athletes and their achievements on a world scale." Arzu is currently studying for her Master's degree in translation at Baku's University of Foreign Languages.Page 80.


Azerbaijani artist Vugar Mammadov is known for his striking Picasso-esque portraits, including the ones featured in this issue's "Sociolinguistically Speaking" article. For more of Vugar's artwork, see, an online gallery for Azerbaijani art that was created by Azerbaijan International. The Web site currently features 115 Azerbaijani artists and 1,700 works of art.
Page 76-77.

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