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Dance Troupe

A 27-member dance troupe consisting of teenage dancers from the Baku Choreography School and members of the "Lokbatan" folklore ensemble participated in several international festivals this past summer, including performances in Toronto and Montreal, Canada, as well as North Carolina, U.S. The Baku State Executive Board and Rafael Allahverdiyev sponsored the tour. The troupe has also visited France, Israel, Brazil, Scotland, Taiwan and Turkey.

At the festivals, the group from the Baku Choreography School performs folklore dances such as: "Daghlar Gozali" ("The Beauty of the Mountains"), "Naz Eleme" ("Don't Put on Airs"), "Bayram Suitasi" ("Holiday Suite") and "Vaghzali". The "Lokbatan" folklore ensemble performs mughams including: "Gatar", "Mansuriyya" and "Heyrati".

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