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rbaijan Prepares

Azerbaijan Prepares for the Summer Olympics


In 1994, Azerbaijan issued a set of stamps commemorating the Winter Olympics. Shown here is Silver Medalist USA Figure Skater, Nancy Kerrigan; and the Gold Medalist German Bobsled Team. The four remaining stamps in the set feature athletes from Japan, Canada, Russia and the USA.

Azerbaijan is preparing for the Summer Olympics which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, this year from July 19 to August 4, 1996.

The majority of the athletes participating on the Azerbaijani team are involved with some type of wrestling as it is one of Azerbaijan's national sports. Several hold European and international titles which have qualified them to participate in the Games.

The team, so far, includes the following members though more are still in the process of getting permission to participate.

· Nazim Huseinov (sambo) · Zulfiya Huseinova (sambo and judo) · Valery Timokhin · Namig Abdullayev · Mahammad Ibrahimov (freestyle wrestling) · Arif Abdullayev · Elshad Allahverdiyev (freestyle wrestling) · Tahir Zahidov (Greek-Roman style wrestling) · Vilayat Agayev · Adalat Mammadov · Ilham Kerimov (boxing) · Elvira Jabbarova (gymnastics) · Asif Malikov (heavy weight lifting) · Tofig Heydarov (heavy weight lifting).

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