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Personal Experiences - These Past Ten Years

Dima AdamovichDima Adamovich
Interestingly enough, I don't often think about what my life would have been like under Soviet conditions. I believe that now I have a better chance for self-realization. Certainly, today most success depends upon the people themselves - their knowledge, skills and abilities. The situation in the Soviet Union did not allow individuals to go beyond the strict boundaries set by the Soviet regime.

I heard the news that the USSR had collapsed on the radio while visiting my friends in Russia. During the Soviet period, we felt that we were citizens of a superpower. The most difficult thing has been to realize that we are no longer part of that vast, powerful country. After the collapse, there was a major shift in values. Everything we had believed in and worked for and valued disappeared overnight. Generations had lived under this ideology. This transition period has been an ordeal for many people and created confusion in standards, values and hopes.

Unfortunately, many people still have not been able to find their niche in this new way of life. I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm young, I have confidence in myself and in the future of my country, and that gives me the strength to face all difficulties.

To tell you the truth, this decade has been extremely difficult for my country. I've concluded that there's one essential idea that I must impress upon my grandchildren: Never lose hope and confidence. Believe in yourself, your future and the future of this country. I believe that my children will live in a country in which this period will be remembered, not only as being difficult and full of painful changes, but also as the beginning of Azerbaijan's revival.

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