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Reza Moridi

Dr. Reza Moridi (1945- ), an Azerbaijani scientist from Iran who now lives in Toronto, recently received the Canadian Nuclear Society's Education and Communication Award for the year 2001. The honor was given for his involvement in educating Canadians on radioactive isotopes and radiation, and for promoting a sensible perspective on radiation and safety issues.

Moridi is currently VP-Science & Technology at the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada, an independent organization that promotes radiation safety in the workplace, homes, schools, and environment. Moridi has developed numerous educational and training courses on occupational radiation safety across Canada. He has also developed and managed radiation surveys in Ontario and Quebec for the telecommunications industry to determine workplace exposure to radiation.

Moridi joined the Institute as a Staff Scientist in 1990 and became Vice President in 1998. He is responsible for the Institute's scientific and technical activities, including its National Laboratories and Personal Alpha Dosimetry (PAD) Service. (Dosimeters measure doses of radiation.)

Born in the Azerbaijani-populated city of Urumieh in Iran, Moridi has degrees (MTech and Ph.D.) from Brunel (UK). He has published numerous scientific papers and articles and is an editor of "Health Physics: The Journal of Radiation Protection," published by the U.S. Health Physics Society.

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