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Dayirman Lyrics

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For the New Generation
(Yeni Nasil Uchun)
Listen to us, new Azeri generation,
The Mill [Dayirman] is moving, it's always
with you.
We lead the new generation forward.
Ahead, Azeri youth!
Listen to our words,
To our thoughts, useful for the nation.
The world is spinning in anxiety,
People do not value their land, their water.
We were created out of land, and we are
going back there.
We get happy, we live, we cry.
It's impossible to change our lives.
Maybe if we change ourselves,
If we unite, live and not be separated.
If we forget our past once and for all,
We will cross out our future.
Happiness is waiting for us.
Work and fight for the future!
The old system has already been destroyed;
We are free in our actions now.
Come on, let's prove ourselves by our deeds.
We are the children of one nation,
We are the keys to utter darkness.
Let's take out our burning hearts
And light the way to the followers.

New words, new songs, new thoughts,
Look to tomorrow, look to tomorrow!

Look to tomorrow, look to tomorrow!
Look into the eyes of the forgotten people,
They used to be young in their time, too.
We will get old, too.
The mirror is not our reflection; it's our actions,
It's what we've done for the Motherland.
It's our nature, our respect for elderly people,
It's our songs, our words, our music.
Our nation, our nation, our nation, we.
The future of the nation is always dear to us.
To the people who have emigrated,
To the young like us, to Azeri children,
I have something to tell you, listen to me,
Don't get offended by these words.
If your child asks you: "Where's my
What will your answer be? Azerbaijan or...
Where you live now is a strange country to us.
Will this bitter conversation be pleasant to you?
You are Azeri, too, you are our blood,
You are our soul, our eyes, our brothers!
Join us, let's be together,
Let's defeat our enemies together,
We with you, you with us,
Let's be proud of our nation together!
New words, new songs, new thoughts,
Look to tomorrow, look to tomorrow!

We have a new generation; if we create the
And we catch the pulse of time,
We will do great things for our Motherland.
We will show ourselves to the whole universe!
Think, today has passed
And tomorrow you are all on your own,
Your deeds, your thoughts and grief,
Usefulness you will be giving to children.
If this idea develops in youth,
You will never be alone if you think the same way.
What should I think?
Work, try, and don't
rely on anyone,
Make your own decisions in life,
Make money, get rich,
Don't harm our country.
Don't sell yourselves, don't deceive yourselves
in the end.
Don't humiliate the nation because of yourselves,
Always be proud of our great nation.
Pray to God for support.
Don't live in the past, live in the future.
We are developing, everything is in the future.
Live a healthy life, be healthy!
Fight against bad actions!
Fight against drugs!
Fight against slobs!
Fight against enemies!
Fight against godless people!

Dayirman­remedy from grief,
Is always trying for the best of the nation.
The new generation is the hope for the future.
We are growing for the favor of the nation,
We have to support each other,
We have to, and we shouldn't forget this.
Look around you and choose your surroundings,
Choose the right way.
Be active, don't confine yourself.
You will rise in the eyes of the nation.
Listen and live, listen and live!
Listen and live, listen and live!

Visit Martyr's Alley regularly,
Remember those lying there, explain to everybody.
Youth is hope, elder is respect.
If we live according to these rules,
If we stay, live and try like this,
If we don't bend, our children won't bend either.
The enemy will get scared seeing this and
won't come closer.
My microphone is my weapon, my hope is God,
These words will find their reflection.
We exist throughout history and will live forever.
We will be working hard with our Motherland.
Look to tomorrow!

Additional lyrics from "Leyla va Dayirman" and Dayirman's upcoming album may be found at Click on AZERI LATIN then MUSIC LYRICS.

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