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Spring 2001 (9.1)


Valeh Alasgarov, General Manager of SOCAR's Foreign Investment Division, has been involved with Azerbaijan's oil contracts with foreign companies since the very beginning - in 1994, when the "Contract of the Century" (Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli) was signed. Valeh has more than 30 years of experience in the oil industry and one of the brightest minds to match it. Read his thoughts about some of the current developments in SOCAR's activities.
At 21, Vafa Mastanova, Baku Office Manager for Azerbaijan International, is probably the youngest manager in all of Baku. She's also one of the most capable. In her past four years with the magazine, she has been a dynamic, driving force behind our operations, especially in management and marketing. She is truly indispensable. In 1998, as Founding Webmaster, Vafa put up the first 1,000 works of art on our Web site: Currently, 1,700 works by 115 artists are on display.

Journalist Khayal Taghiyev hosts three popular TV shows in Azerbaijan, including "Firing Line", a talk show that brings Azerbaijanis and Armenians together to talk about issues related to the Karabakh war. Based on his experiences, Khayal is surprisingly optimistic about the possibility that both sides will eventually be able to arrive at peace together. "Of course, it will take time," he adds.


If there's a new development in Azerbaijan's entertainment industry - whether it's a cutting-edge TV program like "Firing Line" or a new pop sound like Industrial Mugham or Dayirman - chances are, Vahid Mustafayev has had a hand in it. Vahid owns Azerbaijan News Service (ANS), the most respected independent TV station in Azerbaijan, along with VVS Studio, which produced the Industrial Mugham and Leyla and Dayirman CDs that are featured in this issue.


As an AI Staff Member, Narges Abadi is known for her enthusiasm, patience and willingness to learn. She's also the only one of us who can read the Azeri language in three different scripts - Cyrillic, Latin and Arabic. Narges' expertise in converting Azeri Latin to Azeri Arabic has been especially helpful in building up the Arabic section of our Web site at, which offers selections from Azeri literature in both scripts.

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