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Autumn 1999 (7.3)
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Thank you for your fine magazine. Azerbaijan International has continued to keep me interested with quality articles on so many subjects that touch this country. The Caucasus region is so rarely in the news or the media here in Iceland, and if there is any mention at all, the article is usually negative, relating to the dark side of the region. Although AI does cover serious subjects such as the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, the refugee situation and numerous other problems, it excels at reflecting the spirit, culture and life of Azerbaijan today.

The honesty of the articles and the obvious work that goes into every article is evident. I've learned more about this country through your magazine than would have been possible any other way, as books and other information about Azerbaijan are so hard to find here.

I've been a subscriber for the past two years. Please continue sending the magazine. I look forward to many more issues in the future.

(Ms.) Sigridur Kristjansdottir
Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

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