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Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan Leaders
Nasib Yusifbeyli - Prime Minister


by Fuad Akhundov

Nasib YusifbeyliNasib Yusifbeyli was born in 1881 in Ganja into a family of the intelligentsia. After graduating from the Classic High School in Ganja, he continued his education at the Odessa University (Russia) in 1902, enrolling in classes at the Faculty of Law.

Yusifbeyli began his political activities at the University in Odessa which grew into a center of dissident ideas during the Russian Revolution (1905) causing it to closed by officials in 1907. As a result, Yusifbeyli moved to the Crimea where he started publishing articles in the mass media and got involved in theatrical societies. Due to persecution, he was forced to seek refuge in Turkey in 1908-1909.

With the February 1917 Revolution in Russia, Yusifbeyli became one of the most active members of the Musavat Azerbaijani National Party, setting forth demands for national independence and autonomy for Azerbaijan.

During the short period of the Transcaucasian Federation he held the post of Minister for Education of the Republic of Transcaucasia in April 1918. He further continued his activities in the field of education in the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic declared on May 28, 1918.

With the resignation of the Third Cabinet of Ministers led by Khoyski in April 1919, Yusifbeyli became the Prime Minister of the Azerbaijan Republic until April 1, 1920. He invited professor Razumovsky from Tiflis (Georgia), and helped create the foundation for the Azerbaijan State University in Baku in 1919 (the first of its kind in the Moslem world). His cabinet also sponsored 100 Azerbaijani students for education in various European Countries. So education always was one of the highest priorities for this famous public figure.

With the fall of the first Azerbaijan Republic, Yusifbeyli left Baku and was murdered by bandits in one of the districts in May 1920.

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