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Impressions of Azerbaijani Youth Studying Abroad

Zaur Nazarly

Beyond Ethnocentrism

by Zaur Nazarly

One of the most important lessons I've learned here in the U.S. is how to work efficiently and how to view problems as just another challenge.

What bothers me is the amount of ethnocentrism I find here. Americans, in general, have so little knowledge about other cultures, histories and geopolitical situations in regions other than North America. There are so many reasons for them to learn more about other nations. In my opinion, having a broad sphere of knowledge outside one's own specialization is one of the greatest human achievements.

I also wish Americans would learn more about close family relationships. Maybe that would result in fewer divorces and broken homes. Children should be shown more care and concern, even after they reach age 18. They should not be left to struggle on their own so much. In turn, people should not have to worry about growing old, as the elderly should be taken care of by their children.

Zaur Nazarly

Graduate student

Georgia State University

Atlanta, Georgia


Editor's Note: Sadly Zaur passed away in the Summer 1998 from a drowning accident in the Caspian Sea shortly after he returned to Baku upon graduation from Georgia State University.


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