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Murad Guzalov

Competitiveness Destroys Trust
by Murad Guzalov

One of the most important lessons I've learned while in this country is to rely on myself. This is very different from what we learn growing up in my part of the world.

I've discovered that the U.S. provides many opportunities for its residents. No, I haven't confused the word "resident" with the word "citizen.' having traveled a bit throughout the world, I realize that the difference between "citizen" and " non-citizen" is often not very tangible at all. The fact that I don't feel like a foreigner here proves it. America is indeed a country of equal opportunities.

However, I find some aspects of life here, which may be invisible to Americans, themselves, rather disturbing. It seems to me that the overwhelming spirit of competitiveness in everyday life endangers relationships and trust between people. I understand that in the world of supply and demand, such situations are probably inevitable.

I'd love to see my country as developed as the United States, but I want us to retain the cultural and traditional characteristics of our openness and candor.

Murad Guzalov

Undergraduate student in Finance

Newbury College Recognition Scholarship

Newbury College

Brookline, Massachusetts


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