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The Tables Turned
Impressions of Azerbaijani Youth Studying Abroad

Aydin Kadirov

Friendliness - Even to Strangers
by Aydin Kadirov

While here in the U.S., I've learned that people can be very kind, even to someone they've never known or seen before. People that I've met here have been very friendly to me-a total stranger. In return, I've also learned to be very grateful and to appreciate the help and cooperation of others.

There are several things I would not want to take back with me to Azerbaijan. One of them saddens me very deeply. It has to do with the great number of American teenagers abusing drugs. In spite of anti-drug campaigns, there are so many young people involved with them. It's a great tragedy. Every country seems to have some problems with drugs, but in Azerbaijan, the problem is not nearly as severe as it is here.

Two other things I'll gladly leave behind-Alternative Rock and Taco Bell fast food. I really can do without them!

I wish all Americans could learn the history of Azerbaijan. If they knew my country's history, they could better understand our traditions and people. Our history is full of changes, drama and excitement, just like that of any other country in the world.

Aydin K. Kadirov

11th grade

Southeast High School

Pleasant Garden, North Carolina



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