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Spring 1995 (AI 3.1)
Azerbaijan International
Photo Oleg Litvin
Design: Pirouz Khanlou
Graphics: Maziar Mahjoobi

Memorial Sculpture for Richard Zorge located on Samad Vurghun Street in Baku. Zorge, a Soviet agent was a German who was born in Baku who informed the Soviet Union that the Germans intended to attack on June 21, 1941. He later worked in Japan but was executed when they discovered that he was spying.

When this sculpture was first erected, by the artist, Siegal, it was extremely controversial. The work did not fit the category of social realism. Where is the mouth? Can it not speak? The work only shows human eyes and ears - no mouth. Today the arts have symbolically added a mouth. Artists are free to express themelves and to come and go freely without having the silent eyes talk them.

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