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Autumn 2006 (14.3)

Maiden Tower
Sacrificial Holes in North Easterly Direction in Azerbaijan
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All photos: Gallagher

12. Nardaran Channeled Hole. ENE (east northeast) orientation

13. Bosdagh Channeled Hole. NE orientation.

14. Kagnesadag Channeled Hole. NE orientation.

15. Hajigabul Channeled Hole. NE orientation.

16. Abbas Islamov, who has been very involved with this research, observing an elevated Sacrificial Hole located north of Sangachal at a megalithic stone circle.

17. Gobustan Twin-Channeled Sacrificial Hole. N and SE orientation.

18. Hajigabul Twin-Channeled Hole. NNW and ESE orientation.

19. Hajigabul Channeled Hole illustrates a straight channel, which points to the east-the direction of the equinoxes.

20. Turkan Twin-Channeled Sacrificial Hole. Bend in left-hand side channel.


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(Autumn 2006)

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