Azerbaijan International

Autumn 2006 (14.3)

Maiden Tower in Music

Scene from Maiden Tower from the revision made to Badalbeyli's ballet. The new version of the ballet rids the plot of ideological propaganda. This time, there is no father-daughter incestual relationship. The plot is simply: A khan sees a beautiful girl, Gulyanag, in one of the villages that is under his authority. He wants to marry her, but she already has a fiancé, Polad. When the khan tries to force her to marry him, Gulyanag asks him to build a tower, hoping to gain some time. He does so. There's more to the new production than just a new story line. There are new stage sets, new costumes and a new, rich orchestral arrangement by Musa Mirzayev. See "Maiden's Tower Ballet: "New Plot Rids Soviet Propaganda," AI 7.4 (Winter 1999). Photo: Shahin Abbasaliyev


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