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Autumn 2006 (14.3)

Maiden Tower Exterior
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Photos: Betty Blair, Editor of Azerbaijan International, except No. 35 by Ronnie Gallagher

34. Stone masonry with its distinctive lozenge or diamond-shaped pattern on lower section of external wall of tower. The pattern can be seen on both the ornate top as well as the plainer bottom half of the tower. This would seem to indicate that the tower was built as a single unit and not in two sections at two different time periods.

35. Blockwork on internal wall of Maiden Tower that seems to have been whitewashed. Note the characteristic diamond-cut pattern with a central hole.

42. Buttress wall showing difference between stonework: smooth on the lower level, more complex on higher levels.

43. Tower facing from north side, again showing difference between upper and lower stone work. Thickness of the Tower walls at ground level is five meters at the base and four meters at the top.

44. Maiden Tower inscription in Arabic, written in post-Islamic Kufi script: "The Tower of Masud, son of Davud".

45. Context showing where the Arabic inscription is positioned on southwest side of tower.

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(Autumn 2006)

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