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Autumn 2006 (14.3)


Hafiz Pashayev, who was appointed as Azerbaijan's first ambassador to the United States in late 1992, has now returned to Baku. He thought he would retire from public life, but now plans are being made to draw upon his broad experience and establish a Diplomatic University in Baku unique to the Caucasus. We featured Ambassador Pashayev in our first issue of Azerbaijan International 14 years ago; we interview him again here. Read his insights and reflections about his years in Washington. Pages 26-35.

Without a doubt, Early Man knew far more about nature and his environment than we give him credit for. Reverence for the way nature worked was incorporated into his belief system and even the buildings he constructed. Ronnie Gallagher, who has a passion for natural history, is convinced that Baku's venerable landmark - Maiden Tower - incorporates beliefs about the natural solar cycles into its design. At Winter Solstice each year - December 21 and 22 - the sunrise is framed perfectly in that mysterious doorway half way up the tower. He hopes his ideas will lead to serious archaeological research of the monument. Pages 40-63.

Adil Baguirov, one of the most active youth in Azerbaijan's Diaspora, was a speaker at the First Annual Azerbaijani American Youth Forum held at University of California Los Angeles (Los Angeles) in October. Adil has been involved from his early student days when he created the first major Web site featuring his country in 1995. Constantly alert to new developments, he tries to channel energy, resources and insight into bringing recognition for Azerbaijan. Here he describes Wikipedia, the online self-edited encyclopedia, which he thinks can be a very savvy tool in setting the record straight. Pages 72-73.

Judy Shifrin adopted Sabina from Azerbaijan as a single mom in 2002. Sabina was nearly two years old at the time. Soon they were on their way to making a family tradition of attending the annual reunion "Celebrating our Families". Judy and Sabina are the only ones who have attended all five reunions across the United States, starting in Nashville, Tennessee (2002), Kansas City, Missouri (2003), New York (2004), Seattle, Washington (2005), and Indianapolis, Indiana (2006). Judy's camera captured many of the highlights of the reunion's events this year. Pages 78-81.

A new currency with new bills, new coins, new denominations and new values has been introduced in Azerbaijan this past year. Sevinj Mehdizade, of Azerbaijan International's editorial staff, describes what the transition between the old and new currency has been like, and how the new banknotes are supposed to thwart any attempts to counterfeit it. Sevinj is a graduate from Baku State University, where she majored in International Relations. Pages 64-69.

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