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Autumn 2006 (14.3)
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New Mugham Jazz CD - American Voices

To purchase Mugham Jazz CD
Above (Left): New CD called Jazz Mugham Bridges, available at store.

Right: Pianist Mike Del Ferro and accordionist Stian Cartensen of American Voices practicing with students.

American Voices has released a new CD called Jazz Mugham Bridges, which features pianist Mike Del Ferro and accordionist Stian Carstensen with live performances with Azerbaijani musicians who play a wide range of traditional instruments including tar, dumbak, duduk, garmon, kamancha and balaban. The concert took place at Baku's Philharmonic Hall on June 15, 2006.

Also notable are the exceptional vocals by two young soloists Zarina Mamedova and Khayala Abdullayeva from the Conservatory and performances of professional musicians Rafael Islamov, Munis Sharifov, Fuad Jafarov and Emin Dadashov of the State Museum of Azerbaijan Musical Culture.

Works include Heyrati, Sari Galin, Galmaz Oldun, Chahargah and Gaytaghi. The concert was supported by the U.S. and Norwegian Embassies, Turkish Petroleum, STATOIL and UNOCAL.

Contact American Voices Director John Ferguson. Visit The delightful CD - Jazz Mugham Bridges - is available at

Above (Left): Mike Del Ferro, famous jazz pianist who came to Baku to perform together with Azerbaijani musicians. Concert at Philharmonic in Baku on June 15, 2006.

Right: The two mugham singers are Zarina Mamedova and Khayala Abdullayeva.

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