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Summer 2006 (14.2)

Welcome to Baku: Yo-Yo Ma

Silk Road Ensemble with Alim Gasimov and Fargana

Performance of cellist Yo-Yo Ma (far right) along with Alim Gasimov (holding gaval, similar to a tamborine) and his daughter Fagana (veiled in green) center stage at the Philharmonic Hall on May 19. They were accompanied by the Silk Road Ensemble which includes several Azerbaijani musicians who perform on their traditional instruments: Rafael Asfarov (balaban, wind), Rauf Islamov (kamancha, strings), Ali Asgar Mammadov (tar, strings) and Natig Shirinov (nagara, percussion). Frangiz Ali-Zadeh's "Mugham Sayagi for String Quartet" was one of the works, which was performed. Photo: US Embassy in Baku

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