Azerbaijan International

Spring 2006 (14.1)
Page 81

Ahmad Javad's Poetry

Who Am I?
by Ahmad Javad

Let me explain to those
Who ask who I am.
I am the voice which belongs
To a tormented country
That screams "Justice!"?

It is true that I am a poet,
But I have various wishes, desires!
What can I say
About these ruins that I see?
Do the words that I write
Hurt your tender heart?

Look, there is so much injustice
Towards those who are poor!
Hey, violet with bent neck,
The one longing for its darling
What would you say about this tragic
And sorrowful situation?

I refrain from waving my handkerchief
When my darling comes,
O Destiny!
Who will wipe my tears if I weep?...

- Ganja, December 20, 1919

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