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Summer 2005 (13.2)

Interiors: Academy of Sciences

Naghiyev - Ismayiliyya Philanthropic Society

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Aghamusa died in 1919 of heart failure due to broken spirit that this building in memory of his son had been burned by Dashnaks and Bolsheviks during the massacre of March 1918. Because funds were cut off, his burial spot was marked only by a simple stone with his name engraved in Arabic script. This stone and his bones were moved four times before finally given a proper resting place on December 25, 1998, in Bilajari where he grew up. Grandchildren of Aghamusa (who adopted his brother's son Faraj after Ismayil's death). Left to right: Solmaz, Dilara and Rauf, 1998. Photo courtesy: Dilara Naghiyeva.

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