Azerbaijan International

Spring 2005 (13.1)

Sofi Hamid

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This is one of the typical graves which uses bilingual scripts. Here Azeri is written in Cyrillic script, and Arabic is used for religious texts from the Quran. The deer are placed in a pastoral mountain scene. The inscription reads:
Father's grave is sacred; I've come to visit it,
It is my "giblah" (direction to face while praying)I bow before it.
Though you are not physically with us, Your spirit is among us,
Father, it is so hard to live without you,
I came to the realization of this so late! You have left this world;
Memories of high mountains remain after you,
Also memories of you hunting those black-eyed deer,
You were a hunter from Gobustan
Which is mourning your absence.
Your large stone is sad,
your little one is weeping. Photo: Betty Blair

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