Azerbaijan International

Summer 2004 (12.2)

The Ali and Nino Walking Tour
by Betty Blair and Fuad Akhundov

Taghiyev's Pasaj
Mammadamin Rasulzade 4 Alizade Street
(Olginskaya Street and Baryatinskaya Streets)

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Architect K. B. Skurevich. This building was owned by Oil Baron Taghiyev and built in 1896-1898. In reality, it was the first covered shopping mall to be constructed in Baku.

At that time, it was a jewelry store, which sold gold, precious stones and various national decorations and souvenirs (such as daggers) that had been made from gold, silver and other precious metals.

Taghiyev's Pasaj is not specifically mentioned in the novel, though the street is mentioned as the route on which Ali would pass when he walked to his friend's house, Ilyas Taghiyev, who lived three blocks further down on Baryatinskaya Street [present-day Alizade Street].

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