Azerbaijan International

Summer 2004 (12.2)

The Ali and Nino Walking Tour
by Betty Blair and Fuad Akhundov

Schools 132 and 134
Istiglaliyyat 33 / 35
(Nikolayevskaya Street)

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Left: Nino's School which today is administered by two faculty: School No. 132 and 134.

In the novel, Nino's school was identified as "Lyceum of the Holy Queen Tamar for Girls", but Azerbaijanis refer to it as "St. Nina's Russian School for Girls". In old photos, you can see a cross on top of the building. Today, the building houses two schools: No. 132 is on the left corner of the building across from the Baksovet Metro, and No. 134 is on the right corner across from City Hall.

In the book, Ali often goes across to the school to meet Nino there. He often helped her with lessons, especially mathematics.

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