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Azeri Track Schools

The level of education in Azerbaijani schools following the Azeri track is still a very serious problem. When it was time for my son to start school last year, I really wanted to enter him in the Azeri track. However, all my relatives, including my husband, kept warning me: "Are you crazy? Don't you know what level of education they offer? It's not comparable to Russian track schools."

Later I had a chance to observe this myself and I was glad that I had listened to my relatives. But, what a shame! So many of the Azeri textbooks are essentially Russian books that have been translated into Azeri. You can imagine how ridiculous Russian-orientated texts sound in Azeri! And the level of teachers and the way they treat pupils often leaves so much to be desired.

Another serious problem that needs to be tackled relates to those horrible stories that you hear in the universities when students and professors negotiate prices for the exams.

When we were students - which wasn't so long ago - it's true that some students paid for their exams. However, if we worked hard and mastered the information, we could get a good grade and not have to pay. Now, in many situations, students are complaining that it doesn't really matter whether they study or not. They have to pay anyway.

Leyla Novruzova

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