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Autumn 2003 (11.3)
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What's New in Print about Azerbaijan?
English-Azeri Dictionary

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English-Azerbaijani Dictionary (2003)

Finally, it's out - the dictionary that we've long been waiting for! The new 1,695 page English-Azerbaijani volume, compiled by Professor Oruj Musayev, contains 130,000 terms-more than twice the size of its 1998 companion volume-the Azerbaijani-English dictionary of 645 pages which has 45,000 terms. Both dictionaries are published in the new modified Latin script, the official alphabet of the Republic of Azerbaijan since late 1991. The publication of both volumes has been sponsored by Exxon Azerbaijan.

The publication of this dictionary signifies yet another milestone in the linguistics history of the Azeri language. It also means that Azerbaijanis will no longer have to learn Russian to have strong language resources available to facilitate their learning English. The substantial work of Musayev, 74, represents the accumulation of studying the English language and grammar since the university, and is an enormous legacy to both present and future generations in strengthening ties between Azerbaijanis and the English-speaking international community.

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