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Autumn 2003 (11.3)
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What's New in Print about Azerbaijan?
Chechnya Diary

Thomas Goltz has done it again! He has a new book out about the Caucasus. Again it's about war, and again it's a very personal account of what he witnessed as a war correspondent.

"Chechnya Diary: A War Correspondent's Story of Surviving the War in Chechnya" describes the Russian policy towards the Chechens and the devastating effect of war in the region. Deeply personal, the book reads like an adventure tale, but addresses key issues of the day: ethnic cleansing, the history of the Russian-Soviet phenomenon, and journalistic responsibilities in war zones. Goltz examines the events of this tiny principality's attempts at freedom and the horrors of the Samashki Massacre, the symbol of the Russian brutality employed to crush Chechen resistance.

Below: Thomas Goltz, author of two books about wars in the Caucasus

John LeCarre, bestselling author of "Call for the Dead" notes: "Russia's murderous and unrelenting persecution of the Chechens, now shamefully condoned by the United States and Britain as part of the war on terror, is here vividly portrayed in all its surreal horror."

This is Goltz' second book on the Post-Soviet Caucasus and, thus, a companion volume to his "Azerbaijan Diary," which was published by M.E. Sharpe in 1998. Azerbaijan International magazine published Goltz' reminisces on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Khojali Massacre (Azerbaijan). See
"Khojali: Eyewitness Account the Following Day" and "Khojali: A Decade of Useless War Remembered", AI 10.1 (Spring 2002).

"Chechnya Diary: A War Correspondent's Story of Surviving the War in Chechnya" by Thomas Goltz. Thomas Dunne Books: New York, 2003. Hard bound, ISBN 0-312-26874-2, 352 pages, $27.95.

Goltz is currently on tour in the United States to launch his book. Chechnya Diary should be available in most major bookstores, as well as via electronic order on either Barnes & Nobel at or Contact Thomas Goltz, who makes his home in Montana, at

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