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Autumn 2003 (11.3)
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What's New in Print about Azerbaijan?
Azerbaijan Today

Since 1994, Unocal Khazar in conjunction with Baku Art Centre has held an annual poster competition, inviting artists to express their concerns about the major issues of the day. Over the years, hundreds of posters have been submitted to the contest.

This attractive Coffee Table edition provides the most vivid, symbolic, chronological visual record that exists today of the concerns that Azerbaijanis have felt as a nation during this first decade of independence.

Poster Art, once an ideological tool manipulated by the State, here enabled artists to express freely both the anguish as well as the exhilaration of the birth pangs of the new nation. Life-as reflected in these posters-has been precarious, fragile, uncertain, confusing and tragic, but the underlying theme has always been the hope that Azerbaijan will-someway, somehow-triumph and realize its potential.

Azerbaijan Today (10 Year Collection of Poster Art by Unocal). 88 pages. Baku Art Center, 2003. Paperback.

Contact: Rafael Gulmammadli of Baku Arts Centre, Aziz Aliyev Street 4/6. Tel: (994-12) 98-45-48. E-mail: or

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