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Summer 2003 (11.2)
Pages 38-39

Artists in the Loft
Yavar Sultanov and his Architectural Brush
by Yavar Sultanov

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Mobile in Baku: (994-50) 312-54-70


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I was born and grew up in the Old City of Baku. When my father realized that I had a great interest in drawing, he took me to what the Soviets called a "Drawing Circle". After learning the ABCs of painting for four or five years, I entered Baku's Art School in 1974. It was thanks to the experienced team of teachers in this school that I gained a basic knowledge about the fundamentals of the painting. Later, I went to St. Petersburg and studied at the Art Institute there. There are so many wonderful opportunities to study and develop your interest in art in that city. After graduating from Art Institute, I returned to Baku to begin my professional creative work.

I'm not really one to talk much about my paintings. I just want to point out that I tend to try to avoid what others might perceive as outward beauty. I prefer inner beauty - natural and tender - in the context of the complexity of color as it is observed in nature.

I cannot imagine myself pursuing any profession other than art. This is my world: I've always been surrounded by it. Painting for me is a fundamental need - essential to my existence and my identity. It's much more than just a profession; it's my life.

Contact Yavar Sultanov in Baku: The Loft, Istiglaliyyat (Parliament) Avenue across from the street from Baku Soviet Metro Station, Block 500, 6th Floor, No. 2. Baku. Tel: Home (994-12) 98-61-37, Mobile: (994-50) 312-54-70, Email:

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