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Azerbaijani Musicians To Visit Norway

Above: Father and son tar players Ramiz (above) and Ayyub (below) Guliyev will perform in Stavanger, Norway August 27-30 as part of the biannual Offshore Northern Seas Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference.

The ONS Conference takes place on August 27-30 and is a major event, drawing up to 35,000 visitors from around the world. King Harald V of Norway will perform the opening ceremony. The theme of this year's show is "Energizing a New Generation".

Music from Azerbaijan will be featured by the renowned tar player Ramiz Guliyev and his 17-year old son Ayyub, who will be accompanied by a pianist.

They will perform in the ONS opening day concert in the Stavanger Concert House on August 27, the traditional garden party hosted by Statoil's President and CEO Olav Fjell at the company's headquarters, as well as on the outdoor stage at the marketplace downtown as part of the Oil Festival for the city's population. The tar performances may be the first ever in Norway.

Ramiz Guliyev and his two fellow musicians play mugham, classical and other improvisational music. They are coming to Norway courtesy of Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines and Statoil.

The Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference, held every other year, is organized by a foundation owned by the City of Stavanger, Statoil and one or two others. The Conference attracts 30,000-35,000 attendees each time.

The king of Norway always opens the event and there are ministerial level delegations and considerable media interest from many countries.

Stavanger is located on the shore of the North Sea. This year, it will celebrate its 30th anniversary as the officially designated oil capital of Norway, home of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and Statoil, both of which are also turning 30 this year. In that context, there will be an exhibition in the Norwegian Oil Museum and various celebrations in town.


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