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Lahij - Mountain Village

I want to take a "jujum" back with me to remind me of the very special village - Lahij. It's located high up in the Caucasus mountains. The people of Lahij always love tourists; there are lots of workshops and craft shops where they make 17 different kinds of pots out of copper. You can buy copper pots, which women actually use to carry water in on their shoulders. These pots are called "jujum" and cost about $15. You can buy "jujums" in Baku, but they're three times as expensive.

There's no hotel in Lahij but you can camp out in an orchard near the village gates. When the weather is bad, some families will let you stay in their houses.

When you drive up to Lahij from Baku don't be surprised if cows, sheep, donkeys and chickens get in your way! Make sure you take your camera with extra film, a map, a guidebook, jackets, food and money. On your way there are some amazing sights, especially the drive along the edge of the mountain cliff. It's the most exciting!

Grady Wilson, 9
The International School of Azerbaijan (TISA)

Above: Grady Wilson, 9, writes about his trip to Lahij, a remote village high in the Caucasus Mountains that is known for its copperwork.


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