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Spring 2002 (10.1)
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I'm writing to you from Malaysia. I want to mention that there are some exhibits here in the Museum of Islamic Art, but when it comes to the carpets exhibited there, they are never called Azerbaijani carpets but rather "carpets of the Caucasus Muslims." I suppose it's mostly because of the lack of diplomatic ties with Azerbaijan. As for the Armenians here, well, they even have a street named after them!

But, in general, the public is very ignorant about what has happened in Azerbaijan. Except for a few politicians and some of our professors who are mostly from outside of Malaysia, very few know what really happened in Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan in general.

About our efforts here: we are only eight students, all from Northern Azerbaijan, and we're trying to increase the awareness of the people living here. We are donating some books to our University library as well as the National Library of Malaysia.



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