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Winter 2001 (9.4)
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Terrorism under Any Guise

Vilayat Guliyev
Terrorism is closely linked to the aggressive policies of separatism and other forms of extremism, as well as to organized crime, drug and arms trafficking and other illegal activities that literally flourish in conflict zones and provide terrorist and separatist groups with financial resources
Response to these threats must not be discriminatory.

They can be eliminated only through comprehensive countermeasures undertaken on the basis of the principles and norms of international law against all those who use terror to achieve their goals, leaving them no hope of escaping unpunished. Nothing can justify terrorism. There should be no room for double standards and narrow national interests.

We all have witnessed many manifestations of terrorism that have taken place in different regions of the world and under different slogans and guises. This fact, by itself, clearly shows that the phenomenon of terrorism is not associated with any particular religion. Therefore, the fight against terrorism should not be a fight against a specific religion. We must take effective measures to reverse the dangerous trend of imprudent instigation of hostility between Islam and Christianity.

Vilayat Guliyev, Minister of Foreign Affairs, addressing the United Nations at the 56th General Assembly, New York City on November 14, 2001.

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