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Steady Influx of Business Continues in Baku
by Hans Reinartz, Baku Manager

The events of September 11, 2001 have definitely had an impact on Lufthansa in Baku. In general, the airline has seen a decrease in travel, especially to North America, but also to the UK and Europe. But I think the worst is over. Actually, the Baku route was not so much affected by those events, except for maybe a couple of days following this tragic event.

There is a sense here in Baku that business will certainly keep on going. Prospects for 2002 are positive. We expect to see more foreign investments here in Azerbaijan, especially in the oil sector. Projects like the Baku-Jeyhan pipeline will also spur a lot of travel activity, particularly to and from the U.S. and UK. We are looking to increase our frequency of flights to Baku, instead of having just three or four flights a week.

In the past year, the facilities and management of the Baku airport have been dramatically improved. Even the highway to the airport has been completely resurfaced, which makes it very easy to drive there. Also, there is better cooperation now with the international companies, and air navigation is running extremely well at the moment.

We personally are seeing an influx of new business coming to Azerbaijan, maybe not as fast as everybody expects. But already so many people have already reserved seats for 2002; it shows that more and more investors are coming here.

Lufthansa was established in Baku in May 1995. It is the only airline to operate with comfortable, modern A-340 wide body aircraft. Lufthansa's schedule allows for fast connections from Frankfurt directly to other major global destinations. Ninety percent of our passengers from Azerbaijan have continuing connections beyond Frankfurt.

Contact: Hans Reinartz, General Manager, Caucasus, Lufthansa, Hyatt International Center, 1033 Izmir, 5th Floor, Baku. Tel: (994-12) 90-70-50/ -51/ -52; Fax: 90-70-49;;

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