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Winter 2001 (9.4)


Husein Baghirov The world needs more dynamos like Husein Baghirov, the educator and visionary who launched Baku's Western University ten years ago and has worked tirelessly since then to help Azerbaijan through its tough years of transition. Today he is tackling a new role as Azerbaijan's first-ever Minister of Environment and Resources. Here Baghirov recalls the complicated yet exhilarating journey that led to the creation of one of Azerbaijan's first private universities. Page 38.
Dr. Arif Mehdiyev Many of the stories in this issue are about Azerbaijanis who faced unexpected obstacles and rose splendidly to the occasion. Dr. Arif Mehdiyev is a prime example. As General Director of Azerbaijan's National Aerospace Agency, he found himself at a loss after Azerbaijan gained its independence: how would he continue to employ the Agency's 3,000 highly qualified specialists and scientists when all of their work and funds from the bankrupt Soviet system had dried up? Page 46.
Hamza Abdullayev

For Hamza Abdullayev (1946- ), art has the power to reveal deep truths. "An artist can't change the world, but he can speak of universal truths with brushstrokes and colors," he says. Hamza's painting of the "Tower of Babel" appears on our front cover, a poignant reminder of humankind's long history of pride, disconnectedness and discord. Front Cover and Page 16.


Nigar Asgarova

The word "perseverance" immediately comes to mind when describing Bulbul Music School Director Nigar Asgarova. She is convinced that now that Azerbaijan is independent, it must tap into the great treasury of its own national music, which has yet to be unearthed. For Asgarova, the responsibility lies with educators of youth to instruct Azerbaijanis about their own culture. Page 50.


Kamal Abdullayev Azerbaijan's Institute of Russian Language and Literature has a new name and a new Rector, signaling a totally new philosophical direction best described as forward-looking and international in scope. The Baku Slavic University is now led by Turkologist Kamal Abdullayev, who has a vision to build up the past while exploring ways to meet the needs of the future. Page 66.

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