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Azeri Grammar - Is There One?

Finally, a place to learn Azeri on the Web []. We were so pleased to discover your Web site. My wife is from Baku but doesn't speak Azeri, although her mother speaks fluently. When we visited relatives there last year, we searched for a textbook to learn Azeri, but couldn't find one. We found a phrasebook, which was helpful, but there were no explanations of grammar. I even searched Dom Knigi in Moscow, but to no avail.

Is there any sort of textbook available for learning Azeri? I've spent the last two years looking for any type of instructional book, Russian or English. Do you know of any textbook that is available, and if so, where I could purchase it? Thanks again for the very informative and very helpful Web site.

Joe Altnether
Chandler, Arizona

Editor: A new grammar book is now available, "Elementary Azerbaijani" by Dr. Kurtulush Oztopchu. 400 pages, Ankara, 2000. Three CDs accompany the text to assist with pronunciation. Available from Azerbaijan International's office in Baku (98-93-53) or from the AI Store at, where there are more than 100 items related to Azerbaijan to choose from. Click on STORE, then LANGUAGE LEARNING.

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