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A new art album is now available featuring Mohammad Reza Irani (1954-1994), an Azerbaijani artist who grew up in Tabriz, Iran. Irani studied art at the Mirak Art College in Tabriz, then received a B.A. in Painting from Tehran University's School of Fine Arts in 1974. He returned to Tabriz to teach, and his paintings were featured in exhibitions in Tabriz and Tehran as well as Germany, Istanbul and Baku.

He was known for his still-lifes, portraits and landscapes, including paintings of villages in Southern Azerbaijan (Iran). At age 40, in the midst of his artistic career, Irani was tragically killed when he was hit by a van in Tehran.

Several years ago, Bahram Hemayat, who greatly admired Irani's paintings, decided to publish them in a glossy coffee-table book called "Passion for Painting: The Life and Selected Works of M.R. Irani". The hardbound 134-page book, edited by Dr. Ali Akbar Torabi, has text in English, German, French and Farsi. In 1999, it was named "Book of the Year" in Tehran.

To order "Passion for Painting" ($35 plus shipping), contact:
Bahram Hemayat
P.O. Box 4673
51335 Tabriz, Iran

Tel: (98-41) 334-9647
Fax: 335-2145
Web site:


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